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Is Macron copying Zelenski?

Social media is talking about the new image of French President Emmanuel Macron.

The French leader was hardly ever seen in anything other than a dark, slim fit suit and tie.

However, in the latest images taken at the Élysée Palace, Macron is seen wearing jeans and hoodies.

The images, published by Macron’s official photographer, soon caused controversy.

The claim that Macron, who has a stubble, copied the Ukrainian leader Zelenski, became the topic of the day on social media.

Many users shared with the French leader ti that Macron was inspired by Zelenski’s style.


Zelenski, a former comedian, appeared in front of the cameras in a green t-shirt and hoodie from the first day of the war.

Zelenski, who often gave messages with selfie videos, gained global popularity in a short time.

Macron, who went to Moscow, the capital of Russia, to prevent the war in the past months, met with Putin here, but was taken to the ti due to the table in the meeting.

The meeting of the two leaders sitting at both ends of a long table lasted for 5 hours, and the New York Post newspaper measured the distance between the two leaders, ‘How is the weather on your side?’ He sarcastically served his readers with his words.

The British Daily Mail, on the other hand, presented the news of the summit to its readers with the headline ‘There are still kilometers between them’.

The long table where the two leaders met was also on the agenda of social media, and many users commented that Macron, who went to Moscow to play a role in the diplomatic solution, returned empty-handed.

It was stated that the image in question appeared due to the measures taken due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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